AMI success stories 

~Laetitia Uwamahoro

The AMI workshops are very useful as I have to lead a team of people and they help me in taking decisions, creating better teamwork and influencing my people to get a job done. The programme also helps to give me a sense of leadership and tools to become a better leader. The online courses are really nice as well. The combination of content and the tests really helps you to prepare for the workshops. 

~Lioba Berwa

The workshops really teach you how to influence others and give responsibility. I like how they use both concrete examples and innovative methods. The online courses require time to think and analyse, but the content is very straightforward. You don’t need a lot of explanation from other team members, but you can work and study together, which is nice. The main downside? Not enough people know about AMI. They really need to communicate to more companies about their service and programme. 

The AMI workshops are very useful as I have to lead a team The programme is really good, it helps you to communicate effectively and provide a good service. It also teaches you how to behave in front of anyone. I would definitely recommend this programme to others  

I really did not expect what I saw in this programme. It takes you out of you comfort zone and shows you that what you thought impossible, is possible. Things that were previously out of your control become in your control. I hadn’t expect to receive this much guidance. The online courses help you to think about your new life and situation at your work and in outlining the challenges and the solution. They really address problems and help with strategies from A - Z.

~Semucyo jean d’Amour

~Jean Baptiste

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